The first conference in the Kiel Seapower Series was organized by the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) as part of the 2013 Aspen European Strategy Forum. More than 70 participants discussed central issues of maritime security from Wednesday, October 23rd, to Friday, October 25th, at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin. The topics included: “The Current Maritime Security Order – How Long Will it Exist?” or “The Future of Naval Conflict” among many others. Speakers included: CAPT (USN) ret. Peter Swartz, Center for Naval Analyses (CNA); Vijay Sakhuja, Director of the National Maritime Foundation India; Dr. Tim Benbow, Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies at King’s College London; Anthony Cordesman, Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); Ralf Emmers, Associate Dean and Professor at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological Uniuversity Singapore;

VADM (GER N) ret. Lutz Feldt, Wise Pens International; Prof. em. Helga Haftendorn, Free University Berlin; Diego Ruiz Palmer, NATO International Staff; James R. Holmes, Professor of Strategy at the Naval War College Newport (Rhode Island).
The conference was supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the German Maritime Institute (DMI), the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Gesellschaft für Sicherheitspolitik und Rüstungskontrolle, Lampe & Schwartze Marine Underwriting and Cassidian. It resulted in the Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security.


Caitlyn L. Antrim
Caitlyn L. Antrim Executive Director of the Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans
Jo Inge Bekkevold
Jo Inge Bekkevold Head of Centre for Asian Security Studies at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Tim Bendbow
Tim Bendbow
Elmar Brok
Elmar Brok Member of the European Parliament and Foreign policy spokesman for the EPP Group in the European Parliament.
Brahma Chellaney
Brahma Chellaney Professor of strategic studies at the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi
Anthony Cordesman
Anthony Cordesman Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Ralf Emmers
Ralf Emmers Associate Professor, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) in Singapore
Hans-Christoph Enge
Hans-Christoph Enge Managing Partner, Lampe & Schwarze
Lutz Feldt
Lutz Feldt Wise Pens International
Birgit Feldtmann
Birgit Feldtmann Associate Professor at the Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark
Ana Maria Gomes
Ana Maria Gomes Member of the European Parliament
Bertram Gorlo
Bertram Gorlo Head of Sales Germany for Cassidian EADS Deutschland GmbH
Helga Haftendorn
Helga Haftendorn Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Relations at the Free University of Berlin
James Holmes
James Holmes Professor of strategy at the Naval War College
Clive Jachnik
Clive Jachnik UK Maritime Liaison Officer to ECOWAS
Georg Klöcker
Georg Klöcker Managing Director of Marine Risk & Quality GmbH, Bremen
Yoji Koda
Yoji Koda Japan Marine United Corp.
Andreas Krause
Andreas Krause Vice Chief of the German Navy
Joachim Krause
Joachim Krause Director of the Institute for Security Policy at the University of Kiel (ISPK)
Rüdiger Lentz
Rüdiger Lentz Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Germany
Ronan Long
Ronan Long Jean Monnet Chair of European Law at the School of Law at NUI Galway
Charles King Mallory, IV
Charles King Mallory, IV Former CEO of the Aspen Institute Germany
Carlo Masala
Carlo Masala University of the German Armed Forces in Munich
Bryan McGrath
Bryan McGrath Managing Director at FerryBridge Group LLC
Diego A. Ruiz Palmer
Diego A. Ruiz Palmer Special Advisor to the NATO Secretary General for Economics and Security
Duncan Redford
Duncan Redford Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Modern Naval History at the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences of the University of Portsmouth
Serge Rinkel
Serge Rinkel Director of Programs and Services of the World Border Organization
Sten Rynning
Sten Rynning Professor at the Department of Political Science and Public Management and Head of the Centre for War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark
Vijay Sakhuja
Vijay Sakhuja Director (Research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA)
Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte
Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte President of the Military Commission, Italian Atlantic Committee
Johannes Schmidt-Thomee
Johannes Schmidt-Thomee Executive Director, Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COECSW)
Thorsten Staffelt
Thorsten Staffelt Member of the German Bundestag 2009 - 2013
Hans-Joachim Stricker
Hans-Joachim Stricker President, Germany Maritime Institute
Peter M. Swartz
Peter M. Swartz Principal research scientist with CNA Strategic Studies
Karsten D. Voigt
Karsten D. Voigt Former foreign policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group
Jasper Wieck
Jasper Wieck Head of Division for Principle Questions of Defense and Security Policy, Federal Ministry of Foreign Office, Germany
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Acting Director of the Global Maritime Operational Threat Response Coordination Center (GMCC)
XU Hui
XU Hui Professor and Deputy Commandant for Academics at the College of Defense Studies at the National Defense University, PLA China
Toshi Yoshihara
Toshi Yoshihara John A. van Beuren Chair of Asia-Pacific Studies

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