Justin Burke
Justin Burke Non-Resident Fellow at ISPK|CMSS
Dr. Jeremy Stöhs
Dr. Jeremy Stöhs Non-Resident Fellow at ISPK|CMSS
CAPT ret. Hans-Uwe Mergener
CAPT ret. Hans-Uwe Mergener Non-Resident Fellow at ISPK|CMSS
Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University

Institute for Security Policy

The Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) provides research, analysis and commentary on conflicts and strategic issues. ISPK is committed to furthering the security policy discourse in Germany and abroad by way of focused, interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research. Moreover, the Institute is involved in the promotion of talented, young academics. Complementing research, publications and teaching, members of the Institute advise decision-makers in government, academia, media and business. ISPK’s main research foci lie in German and European foreign and security policy, international security architecture, nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament, stabilisation of fragile states, maritime security, and asymmetric challenges such as transnational terrorism.

Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University

Center for Maritime Strategy & Security (CMSS)

The Center for Maritime Strategy & Security (CMSS) is one of Europe’s leading providers of topical knowledge on global maritime security issues. With the Kiel Seapower Series we have established a forum that brings together international thought leaders to discuss the most pressing security challenges the maritime community faces today. The CMSS serves as a nexus for the maritime academic community and aims to support and encourage young scholars to offer new insights, fresh ideas, and novel approaches on how to tackle the maritime questions of tomorrow. We are regular contributors to the international naval press and recently published the Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security.